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Nihongo Hiroba "Japanese Speech Contest"

We held the event "Japanese Speech Contest" at Eastpia Miyako on March 17, 2021.

This event was held with the aim of creating an opportunity for international residents to present their achievements in their learning of Japanese language, and of enhancing their motivation for it. In total 7 people participated in the contest: an American and an English ALTs who teach English at elementary and junior high schools in Miyako, 1 Filipino and 4 Vietnamese people who work in town. Each participant made a speech in Japanese within 5 minutes in accordance with the theme they had chosen. They chose 1 out of the 3 themes: A. What I find interesting in Miyako or in Iwate, B. About myself, C. Japanese product that I want to bring home.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Mr. Tuliao from Philippines. He chose the theme C. In his speech, he said that what he wanted to bring home was Japanese etiquette. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the contest was live-streamed on YouTube so that the ordience could listen to their speeches at home.

Mr. Tuliao who won the Grand Prize Mr. Tuliao who won the Grand Prize

Group photo Group photo

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