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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Collection of personal data
Miyako International Association shall collect and use personal data clarifying its purposes and only to the extent necessary to the achievement of its purposes. Personal data is collected and saved only if the relevant person provides the data out of his/her own free will.
Purposes of the use of personal data
Collected personal data shall be used solely for the purposes indicated in advance and within the following scopes:
  • To contact the relevant person by telephone or via mail to respond to queries and/or requests provided by him/her.
  • To send materials such as brochures requested by the relevant person.
  • To contact the relevant person for other reasons.
Disclosure of personal data
Personal data collected by us shall not be disclosed to third parties except the following cases:
  • In case the relevant person agrees to do so
  • In case it is necessary based on applicable law
Correction of privacy policy
The contents included in this privacy policy may change if required, without prior notice.


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