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A visit to Yantai, China, by the official delegation of Miyako City
commemorating the foundation of Miyako International Association

In commemoration of the foundation of Miyako International Association, and to enhance friendship and goodwill with Yantai City (China), which is in friendship and cooperative relationship with Miyako City, the delegation consisting of 23 members, including Mayor Yamamoto, visited China from Nov. 23rd to 27th.

On 24th, the delegation had an interview with Mayor and staffs of Yantai City, and attended a dinner hosted by Yantai City.

Visit Ferry Port

A regular ferry line will commence between Miyako and Muroran in June 2018. In view of that, the delegation visited Yantai Port. It's a large scale ferry port where a domestic route (Yantai - Dalian) and an international route (Yantai - Inchon (South Korea)) are being operated.

Visit Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone

At Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Hospital, they received a very warm welcome. Dr. Yasufumi Goto, Director of Goto Urology and Dermatology Clinic, donated artificial dialysis apparatus to Yantai City in 1991.

That was how the interaction of citizens of Miyako and Yantai started. Dr. Goto was designated as an honorary citizen of Yantai City in 2001. He has been the chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Association for many years, and has become the Chairman of Miyako International Association as well since it was founded in this July.

Final day of their visit

On the final day of their visit, they visited JETRO Beijing Office and CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) Beijing Office, and discussed the situation of Chinese economy, the trend of Japanese companies in China, and so on.

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