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After you exit Miyako Station, go to the left with Miyako Station to your back, and you’ll find a connecting passage to Miyako City Hall. Walk through it and enter Miyako City Hall. The administration office of Miyako International Association is in the Planning Section on the fourth floor.

Turning right after you exit JR Miyako Station, you’ll find Miyako Tourist Information Center. There is a staff of Miyako International Association inside of the tourist information center.

Please feel free to drop in.

In you use public transportation to Miyako

By train
From Morioka Station to Miyako Station About 2 hours by the JR Yamada Line  JR-East 
From Kamaishi Station to Miyako Station About 1 and a half hours by Sanriku Railway  Sanriku Railway 
From Hachinohe Station to Miyako Station About an hour and a half by the JR Hachinohe Line from Hachinohe to Kuji.Change trains at Kuji to Sanriku Railway, and it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to Miyako.  JR-East 
 Sanriku Railway 
By Bus
From Morioka Station to Miyako Station About 2 hours by Route 106 Express Bus  Northern Iwate Transportation 

If you drive to Miyako

From Tokyo/Sendai Tohoku Expressway – Morioka IC – about 2 hours on the National Route 106
From Hachinohe About 2 hours and 45 minutes on the National Route 45

Official Facebook site of Miyako International Association

Miyako International Association
1-1-30 Miya-cho, Miyako City, 027-8501 Iwate(c/o Exchange Promotion Office, Planning Section, Miyako City)
1-1-80 Miya-cho, Miyako City, 027-0052 Iwate(c/o Miyako Tourist Information Center)